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  • 18 Built-in external hot buttons

  • Allows one touch access to popular multimedia features including:

    Mute, Vol. up, Vol. down, Pre-track, Stop, Play, Record, Rewind.

  • Allows one touch access to pre-attached applications such as:

    Rotate Win, Calculator, X'fer, Coffee Break, WWW.

  • Allows one touch access to launch your favorite application i.e.:

    Power Point, Excel, Words.....

  • Hot buttons are programmable

  • True curve, streamline design with metal sheet inside

  • UL/CSA/TUV/CE/FCC approval

  • Removable color palm rest

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Removable color palm rest

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18 built-in external hot buttons

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True curve, Streamline design with metal sheet inside

Compatibility Fully compatible with IBM/AT (keyboard only), PS/2, Novell network, Windows 95,98 and NT
13 Hot Buttons Communication: WWW, Menu/?, Record, Rewind

Consumer: Mute, Vol. up, Vol. down, Pre. track, Stop, Play, Next track

Computer: Rotate Win, Calculator, X'fer, Coffee Break, Close, Suspend

(Hot buttons are programmable except Rotate win, Mute, Vol. up & Vol. down)

Mechanical Specifications Unpacked

Length: 478 mm

Depth: 186 mm

Height: 47 mm

Weight: 1.2 kg


Length: 489 mm

Depth: 202 mm

Height: 61.5 mm

Weight: 1.35 kg

Peak Force: 55+10 g

Switch Travel: 4.0+0.3mm

Switch Feeling: Silent tactile feedback

Electrical Specifications Working Voltage: 5.0+0.25 Vdc

Current Consumption: 30 mA max

Power Consumption: 0.5 Watts max

Keyboard Connector

For PS/2 type: 6 pin mini DIN connector

For AT type: 5 pin DIN connector

EMI FCC class B, FTZ, CE
Safety UL, CSA, TUV
System Requirements IBM PC compatible system

Windows 95/98/NT operating system

IBM AT or PS/2 compatible keyboard port

CD-ROM drive & 16-bit sound card (for CD and video operation)

MPEG card or pre-installed MPEG software(for playing MPEG files or video CDs)

Package Contents Keyboard with AT or PS/2 connector

Two 3.5 diskettes or one CD

Removable palm rest

Mediatouch    Ergonomic     Wireless

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  • Designed for Windows 95, 98 & Windows NT

  • Green keyboard, power saving design

  • Big palm rest complies with ISO standard (100mm edge to edge min.)

  • Provides Touchpad as an option to avoid stress and arm strain

  • Three special keys (Backspace, Tab and handicap mouse key)

  • Provides pass through mouse port for external operation with switch selection

  • Easily adjustable front leg

  • Innovative design specializing in comfort and ease

  • Two adjustable typing angles for comfort

  • Color coded connectors identify keyboard or mouse

  • Supports worldwide language layout

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Windows keys

sk-6000-2.gif (4461 bytes)
Special Keys


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Optional Touchpad

Compatibility Fully compatible with IBM/AT & PS/2 and Novell networks.
Keyboard Dimensions Length: 517 mm

Depth: 257 mm

Height: 56 mm

Keyboard Weight Unpacked: 1.8 kg

Packed: 2.3 kg

Switch Feeling: Silent tactile feedback
Operation Angles Horizontal slope for ulnar deviation: 10 degrees

Vertical slope for extension: 7 degrees

First segment elevation wrist angle: 4.5 degrees

Second segment elevation wrist angle: 7.9 degrees

Electrical Specifications Working Voltage: 5.0 +/- 0.25Vdc.

Current Consumption: 100 mA max.

Power Consumption: 0.5 Watt max.

EMI FCC class B, FTZ, CE
Safety UL, CSA, TUV
Connectors Keyboard :

Optional PS/2 to AT adapter

Touch Pad (optional) :

For PS/2 type: 6 pin mini DIN connector

For RS-232 type: 9 pin D-SUB connector

Mediatouch    Ergonomic     Wireless

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  • Wireless device with integrated text, pointing and multimedia functions

  • 89-key notebook size keyboard designed for Windiws 95, 98 and NT
  • Uses scissors technology key switch structure

  • 14 extra programmable function keys

  • Two mouse buttons and one DRAG key

  • Full range mouse control (click and drag capabilities)

  • Infrared transmitting technology

  • Up to 23-foot (7 meters) operating distance

  • Low power consumption

  • Warn when battery power is low

  • Lightweight

  • FCC, UL and CE compliant

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Side View

sk-7100-2.gif (7853 bytes)
I-Point™ Controller

sk-7100-3.gif (6066 bytes)
Frontal View

sk-7100-4.gif (6184 bytes)
IR Receiver

Specifications Transmitter

Height: 43.0 mm

Length: 387 mm

Width:  187 mm

Weight:  650 g (without batteries)


Height:  47.5 mm

Length:  111 mm

Width:  109 mm

Weight:  200 g

Cable Length:  1.83 m (6 ft)

Transmission Mode:   Infrared light

Range:  7 Meters (23 ft)

Angle:  +/- 30 degree for both vertical and horizontal

Point Device Full range I-Point stick with a variable resistor technology and two mouse buttons
Buttons Mouse Buttons:   1 Left, 1 right and 1 drag button

Function Keys:  14 programmable function keys

Connector Keyboard:   PS/2 keyboard port connector

Pointing Device:  DB-9 serial port connector, 6-pin PS/2 port connector or combo type

Power Supply:   Four AA size batteries (Alkaline preferred)

Management:   Reverts to true "sleep mode" when not in use

Battery life:  260 days for half-an-hour daily usage at   6 strokes per second

EMI FCC class B, CE
Safety UL, CSA, TUV
System Requirements IBM PC or compatible system

Available PS/2 mouse port or 9 pin RS-232 serial port

Standard Microsoft mouse driver

All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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