text_webspy.gif (14710 bytes) WebSpy Professional
  • Monitors real-time network http traffic
  • Allows you to define your own user profiles
  • Administrator is notified immediately when profiles are breached
  • View daily network activity graphically
  • New Web based management utilities permit alterations to parameters.

WebSpy Sentinel provides administrators with the ability to capture Internet data across a variety of different systems. It is designed to meet the needs of networks without a proxy server.

Internet traffic is monitored in real-time allowing for immediate notification and action if profiles are breached.

Used in conjunction with WebSpy Reporter, Sentinel is capable of providing detailed user information in real time.

WebSpy 15 User Professional
WebSpy 25 User Professional
WebSpy 50 User Professional
WebSpy 100 User Professional
WebSpy 250 User Professional
WebSpy 500 User Professional
WebSpy 750 User Professional
WebSpy 1000 USer Professional
WebSpy Unlimited User Professional
ShopFactory e-commerce

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Ideal for a professional online E-commerce presence with many products.
Multi award winning ShopFactory Pro is a fully featured web shop builder, making creating and maintaining professional Internet storefronts a breeze with its point and click interface.
With ShopFactory's many styles and customization options, no two shops need to look alike. Product options, discounts, shipping and tax calculation - you name it - you'll find it.
Pre-designed Shop Themes and customizable shop styles make sure your shop will compete with the best on the Net to give you a head start in the E-commerce race. 

shopfacdev.gif (8529 bytes)

If you require full control over every design aspect of your shop or if you want to build shops for other companies, the developer version is for you.
With its powerful adjustable templates ShopFactory Developer gives you full control over every design aspect and makes it possible to create virtually any shop design you can imagine.
Only the Developer Version has a license allowing you to build shops for other companies.
Based on Shopfactory Pro, it provides the same ease of use, but provides your with all you need to create your own templates and shop styles.

shopfaclight.gif (8068 bytes)

Ideally suited for the shop builder planning a small shop with a limited number of products. It has been designed to make shop building as easy as possible.
No programming skills are required! Easy to use point and click commands give you acces to all the features you need.
Just point and click to add products and multimedia links, to customize the look of your shop front or to add many of the other features required for a professional retail outlet.

shopfac3d.gif (8429 bytes)

An amazing Add-On for ShopFactory, which allows you to create stunning 3D shops in VRML 2 with the Light, Pro and Developer version of ShopFactory.
Offer your customers real cyber shopping - and set yourself apart from the competition with a true 3D shop. An amazing experience which will make your customers return for more.
Requires ShopFactory to function.
The ShopFactory Database Import Wizard is an Add-On tool available for ShopFactory 4.x. It allows you to import product data from an existing database into ShopFactory. You can import data from Access or Excel databases, or from any other database with ODBC or OLE-DB Connectivity.
Please follow the link above to find out more about the functionalities available (return with the Shop link above).
ShopFactory must be installed on your system or the database import wizard will not work.
The Database import tool does not work with earlier versions of ShopFactory. It can not import product options, such as colors or sizes.
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Local Area Network fax solution. These starter systems support two fax lines for incoming/outgoing faxes.They are suitable for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0(Intel and Alpha) fax servers. Least Cost Routing, DID routing and e-mail routing intergration are included as standard


5 user starter system


10 user starter system


25 user starter system


50 user starter system


100 user starter system


150 user starter system


200 user starter system


300 user starter system


400 user starter system


500 user starter system

zetfaximg.gif (2114 bytes)

ADD-ONS License Upgrades for additional Fax lines


Additional Line add-on pack


Unlimited Line add-on pack

zetfaximg.gif (2114 bytes)

The Zetafax Application Programmers Interface (API) toolkit can be used to automate faxing from other applications



zetfaximg.gif (2114 bytes)



5 additional user pack


10 additional user pack


25 additional user pack


50 additional user pack


100 additional user pack


150 additional user pack


200 additional user pack


300 additional user pack


400 additional user pack


500 additional user pack

zetfaximg.gif (2114 bytes)



upgrade for up to 5 user system


upgrade for up to 10 user system


upgrade for up to 25 user system


upgrade for up to 50 user system


upgrade for up to 100 user system


upgrade for up to 150 user system


upgrade for up to 200 user system


upgrade for up to 300 user system


upgrade for up to 400 user system


upgrade for up to 500 user system


upgrade for API toolkit (for version 4.5 users)


User Guide


Email Gateway Manual