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iNTRA 8 Card

8 x Dual Mode K56 Flex/V90 Data, 14,400bps fax modems on one PCI board


iNTRA 4 Card

4 x Dual Mode K56 Flex/V90 Data, 14,400 fax modems on one PCI board


Banksia CommsServer

Multi protocol Ethernet communications server offering dial out/ dial in functions, modem sharing, remote access and network security functionality


Banksia WebRamp M3

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Four port Ethernet hub allowing multiple network users simultaneous access to theinternet and multiple email accounts through one ISP account. Can accommadateup to 3 modems, giving you ISDN performance with analog modems3 serial ports, support for 14.4, 28.8, 33.6 and 56kbps, Dial on Demand, Call out only,IP Routing support for dynamic and single IP, Maximum 253 users,4 Port 10baseT Ethernet Hub (expandable and stackable),

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Netcomm Wireless LAN
wireless.jpg (13820 bytes) Offers true LAN access without the wires. Peer-To-Peer Networking Client-Server Networking With NetComm’s Smart Wireless LAN,mobile executives increase their productivity by remaining connected to the company’s LAN from any location. within the coverage range. Executives, doctors, engineers, network managers or even students irregardless whether they are in meetings or other company sites can access the school’s intranet or company’s database, open e-mail, surf the Web, download file and retrieve useful information from the network just as one would expect from a wired connection.

IEEE 802.11 INTERNATIONAL STANDARD Improves Productivity Cost-effective LAN expansion Ease of use Roaming Capability for the Acces Point High-speed data transmission at 2Mbps Secure Network Access International Standard Applications

Netcomm Mini Print Server
1-port standalone print server which attaches directly to printer - supports Windows LAN
Netcomm Fast Print Server (1port)
1-port LAN 10/100 Base T print server for multiple network protocols
Netcomm Fast Print Server (3port)
Fastprintserver.jpg (4153 bytes) 3-port LAN 10/100 Base T print server for multiple network protocols