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Docket/Receipt Printers

Posiflex PP-3000 Docket Printer

40 column dot matrix including power

Posiflex PP-4000 Therma Docket Printer

High speed, auto cutter, including power supply

Star SP-216 Dot Matrix Receipt Printer

42 Column Black & Red 2.5 lines p/sec Win drivers and power supply

Star SP-246 Dot Matrix Receipt Printer

42 Column Black & Red, 2.5 lines p/sec Win drivers, power supply and auto paper cutter

Star TSP-242 Thermal Printer

42 Column Thermal with auto paper cutter serial & parallel barcoding & Windows drivers

Citizen IDP-460 Receipt Printer

250 bytes buffer, Black & Red printing cash drawer control 3 lines p/sec external power supply included

Citizen IDP-3420 Receipt Printer

40/42 Coloum Dot Matirx, Black & Red Printing, Auto paper loading,

control for 2 cash drawers, 6k buffer, Internal power & Auto Paper Cutter

Serial or Parallel

Citizen IDP-3550 Receipt Printer

40 Column Dot Matrix Black & Red printing auto paper loading, control for

2 cash drawers 6k buffer internal power supply 3.6lines p/sec

Citizen IDP-3221 Thermal Printer

Thermal Line Printer, auto paper cutter 15 lines p/sec 42/56 column,

4k buffer auto paper loading, barcode printing, 2 drawer cash control

& external power supply included

Epson TM-U210D Impact Receipt Printer

3.5lines p/sec Black & Red printing power supply included

Epson TM-300B Impact Receipt Printer

33/40 Column Receipt/Journal with Auto paper cutter & Power supply

Epson TM-L6011 Thermal Printer

Media 60mm x 83mm 32/42 column paper 30/40 column label with power supply

Ithica POS Thermal Receipt Printer

Model 82 with cutter & power supply P/N 82-

Ithica Validation/Journal Receipt Printer w/2k buffer

Model 53Plus (w/15 line validation)

serial RS232C model 19.2k baud

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