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CardModem 56 ( CM3468 )

PCMCIA card Data / Fax modem. Error correction and data compression, Distinctive ring.

Maximum speed of 56,000bps (download only), 33600bps, V.34, V.32bis, V.42bis,

V.42, MNP2-4, MNP5, MNP10EC, Plug n’ Play, Maximum throughput 115,200bps


OEM CardModem 56 (CM3468B)


CardModem 56 + Ethernet ( CM3478 )

Compatible with Both PCMCIA and advnaced 32-bit CardBus Slots, 10Mbps or 100Mbps data rate (LAN) auto sensing, V.90 or K56flex data mode (modem) auto negotiation, Concurrent use of LAN and faxmodem functions, Hot Swappable, Maximum speed 56,000bps (download), V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.23, V.22/Bell 212A, V.21/Bell 103, Error Correction and Data Compression

Direct Connection - RJ-11 and RJ-45(LAN) connections, Single Type II Slot only Required


Global Card 56k GSM, PCMCIA Card (CM5600)

PCMCIA card Data / Fax / GSM modem. GSM supports Nokia 3810, 8110, 2110, 5110, 6110

and Ericsson 300, 600 and 700 series. Globally Approved, K56flex. Includes WinFax Pro

Max speed 56,600bps (download). Max throughput 115,200bps. Plug 'n Play.

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CardModem GSM Global GSM Kit - Nokia 3810, 8110


CardModem GSM Global GSM Kit - Nokia 2110


CardModem GSM Global GSM Kit - Nokia 5110, 6110


CardModem GSM Global GSM Kit - Ericsson 300 Series


CardModem GSM Global GSM Kit - Ericsson 600, 700 Series


Netcomm Socket Rocket 33

33.6Kbps Data/Fax "SmartModem equivalent" PC Card modem with DES encryption

Includes WinFax Pro

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Banksia PC Card56

Dual Mode v.90 & K56Flex PC Card Data/Fax Modem, GSM Ready,

Global Capable out of the box